Jutsu RanksEdit

E: E Rank jutsus are considered to be Academy Student level, and are the most basic-foundation techniques of a nin.
D: D Rank Jutsus are Genin level techniques
C: C Rank Jutsus are Genin/Chunnin level techniques. Requires many hours of work
B: B Rank Jutsus are Chunnin/Jounin level techniques, B rank techniques require advanced chakra control, and a sturdy knowledge of the basic skills.
A: A Rank Jutsus are Jounin/Kage level. Precise chakra control, knowledge, and experience is a necessity.
S: S Rank Jutsus are extreme level techniques, the highest level rank, not many learn S rank techniques. These techniques are categorized as a Secret Technique and can be exclusive to one individual only.

Jutsu Learning Edit

The list of techniques according to Rank. The days listed are based on RL day(s).

Learning Alone: Rp records of your RPC practicing and learning the certain technique repeatedly solo with witnesses.
Assisted Learning: Rp records of your RPC practicing and learning the certain
technique repeatedly with another character ( student or sensei) who knows the technique.

E Rank:

Learning Alone: 3 Days

Assisted Learning: 2 Days

D Rank:

Learning Alone: 6 Days

Assisted Learning: 5 Days

C Rank:

Learning Alone: 13 Days

Assisted Learning: 10 Days

B Rank:

Learning Alone: 23 Days

Assisted Learning: 21 Days

A Rank:

Learning Alone: 27 Days

Assisted Learning: 25 Days

S Rank:

Learning Alone: 40 Days

Assisted Learning: 37 Days

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