Jutsu NameEditEdit

Stance of the Tiger

Rank and Reasoning.EditEdit

  • D-Rank

Jutsu Hand SealsEditEdit

  • None

Jutsu InformationEditEdit

  • This is a Taijutsu skill

  • Takes good skill in Taijutsu
    ==Specific Users:Edit==
    • This is not a clan jutsu.
    • This is a Taijutsu Stance.
    • This can be learned by all.

Jutsu CostEditEdit

    • Energy 

Jutsu PerformanceEditEdit

    1. This is performed by using a strong palm thrust into the chest cavity.

Jutsu ProductEditEdit

    • Capable of micro fracturing and or breaking ribs.

  • This typically will force the breath from one’s lungs, causing temporary discomfort and short of breath as well.
  • ==WeaknessesEdit==
    • The force of the attacks can cause one to become thrown off balance.

Approved byEditEdit

Sanada Kihaku