Jutsu Name:  Sacrifical Eye

Rank and Reasoning

Rank: A Rank

User channels chakra into an eye implanted into an object. This is for the purpose of being able to see through the eye.

Jutsu Hand Seals

·         Snake->Boar->Rat

Jutsu Information

·         Used to see through an eye implanted in an animal of choice.

·         Users eye must be sacrificed in order to use the technique

Specific Users:


  • This jutsu is for any nature
  • This jutsu is a ninjutsu
  • This jutsu is open for all

Jutsu Cost


  • This jutsu would cost you about 10% of your chakra

Jutsu Performance

·         Once eye is implanted into Animal/object of choice. User performs hand seals as they get to see through the eye planted.


  • ·         If implanted in animal, the user can see out of the eye of it up to 1000 miles out
  • If the eye carries Dojutsu then it can be used (Sharingan, Rinningan, Byakugan)


·         User looses an eye

·         If animal dies the eye also is lost and can never be used again

NNao Uzumai