ShadowValcore:-Nao grumbled to herself as she  she was walking through the village  had beenhere for far to long in Yukigakure and had only gained a little information. she knew who the kage was, she knew the two guards that protected her almost the entire time and she had spoted the man who had killed Kano.  This put her in a tough spot she wanted so bad to kill him now but she knew she couldn't yet. She had to go back to Amegakure she had her students and everyone else from the village to take care of. Not to mention the Chunin Exams she would bring her Genin to challange theirs and they would see how a real village opperated. Nao needed to leave and to do it with out anyone being suspicus. Sighing softly she would go into the village and sell her cart explaining that she needed to move on and that she was extreamly sorry to everyone and that she hoped they would have a new seller soon. Nao laughed with a smirk on her face she didn't care weither or not they got another seller she only cared that she got out of here with out to much notice. After leaving the village she would bodyflicker a safe distance then change into her less formal and restricting cloths she was now in a purple wraparound top and tight pants her shoes were still the same sandles she tied her long orange hair off to the side and then started walking through the woods.-