Medical NinjutsuEdit

Medical Ninjutsu is a branch of Ninjutsu that centers around healing by manipulation of both the specialist and the patient. Medical Ninjas are nins that are knowledgable in the field of human anatomy and medicine. Using their knowledge and talents they are helpful in aiding injured comrads out in the field and within the village. The field of Medical Ninjutsu expands past simple healing and even touches base on such things as poisons and antidotes. 
Medical Nin:   One who is highly knowledgable in the field of anatomy and medicine, Medical ninjas are skilled in more advanced medical techniques and are responsible for guiding apprentices to intermediate to advanced Medical Ninjutsu. 
Medical Apprentice:  Medical Apprentices are individuals who are in the process of studying and learning the basics of medicine. They are taught by Medical Nins to learn the basics of Medical ninjutsu. As they work their way up the ranks, they will eventually learn a variety of medical techniques ranging from more basic techniques, intermediate, to advanced.

Medical RanksEdit

Medical Apprentice: Can start as early as Genin, however those who do not plan on specializing in Medical Ninjutsu will be able to become Medical Apprentice. They will be able to perform many of the more basic techniques and procedures and learn up to C Rank Medical Ninjutsu techniques.
Medical Ninja: The more seasoned and more experienced versions of Medical Apprentices. Medical ninjas are able to learn  all  and perform advanced techniques and procedures. They cover the more serious injuries and procedures that Medical Apprentice can not. 

Medical Jutsu ListEdit

  • Diagnosis I - D rank
  • Diagnosis II - C Rank
  • Cleanse - C Rank
  • Shiatsu (Massage) - D Rank
  • Extraction - B Rank
  • Bandaging - D Rank
  • Oxygen Supply - C Rank
  • Blood Coagulation - C Rank
  • Heat Seeker - C Rank
  • Poison Removal - B Rank
  • Blood Transfusion - B Rank
  • Mystical Palm Technique - A Rank
  • Chakra Scalpel - B Rank
  • Bone Healer - B Rank
  • Cell Regeneration - A Rank
  • Purification - A Rank
  • Central Nervous Shock - A Rank
  • Anatomy Delving- A Rank 
  • Circle of Enlightenment - A Rank

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