TakomeHatake: -Takome wakes up in her bed very early in the morning. She gets out of bed and gets dress. Then she grabs her back pack full of the materials and equipment that she would need to training or spar. For Takome decided to go to the gates and find a worthy opponent to spar or train with besides her twin brother Kagura. Takome also grabs the two bags of her homemade tacos, that she had made early the night before to bring with her so she wouldn't train or spar on an empty stomach. As she grabs the two bags of tacos, Takome walks out the front door of her home, while closing and locking the door behind her. Next she stretches a bit, then Takome heads straight to the gates and on her way to the gates she jogs the whole way there. Once at the gates Tako goes through the gate and arrives at the other end, she pokes her head out to see if anyone else has arrived. But sadly no, so Takome jumps out of the gate and heads to a tree nearby and begins to do some target practice as she waits for someone to show up.-